Portable Oxygen Cylinder For Rent and sale in Bangalore & Delhi

Portable oxygen cylinder on rent in Bangalore & Delhi available with Prime Healers. Purchase oxygen cylinder at best price. Home delivery of oxygen cylinder is available. Contact Prime Healers today.

Oxygen Cylinder 10 ltr

Flow meter, Humidifier


₹ 2,200

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₹ 12,500

Oxygen Cylinder 50 ltr

Flow meter, Humidifier


₹ 4,000

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₹ 21,500

Product Description

An oxygen cylinder is an medical oxygen storage vessel, held under pressure in the cylinders. The medical oxygen tanks are available in various sizes viz. 5 liters, 10 liters and 50 liters.  On request Prime Healers provide oxygen stand which will help in easy transportation.

Medical oxygen is the oxygen which is supplied to hospitals, patient home, clinics and nursing homes at affordable price. We visit home and set up completely and provide assistance. We provide refilling services to our patients.


  • Refilling made easy

  • Comes with flow meter and spanners

  • 99% pure oxygen

  • There are no side effects

  • Hygienic cylinders

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Oxygen Cylinder Rent

Oxygen Cylinder rental is an easy option now in Bangalore & Delhi. Oxygen Cylinder Price for rental is made affordable for short term users. Contact us now to place the order. We will ensure delivery within 8 working hours.

Buy Oxygen Cylinder

You can buy Oxygen Cylinder at best price from Prime Healers now in Bangalore & Delhi. Complete oxygen kit is available for purchase.


We also take bulk orders of oxygen cylinders and supply at competitive price in the market.

What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

Oxygen Cylinder is a tank which stores pressurized medical oxygen which can be used to provide oxygen therapy to patients who requires it.

Do you provide medical oxygen cylinder for rent?

Yes. We supply 10 litre and 50 litre oxygen cylinder on rent. We provide home delivery within 7 working hours (9 AM to 10 PM)


Where do you rent oxygen cylinder?

Currently we are supplying oxygen on rent in Bangalore and Delhi. 

My patient need oxygen supply 24 hours, what is recommended?

Better go for oxygen concentrator which can be used continuously without refilling. Along with oxygen concentrator one oxygen cylinder 10 litre or 50 litre as standby which can be used during interval time. However, oxygen cylinder of 50 litre is recommended if the patient need 99% and above oxygen purity.

How many hours 10 litre oxygen cylinder will last?

Usually oxygen is given at the rate of 1 to 10 litre per hour. Hence it depends on rate. Ex: If it is recommended to use at 2 litre per hour it will last for 5 hours.

How many hours 50 litre medical oxygen cylinder will last?

If it is used at 2 litre per hour it will last for 25 hours

What to do after oxygen cylinder become empty?

Oxygen cylinder can be refilled. Inform us 4-5 hours before by reading the meter. We will supply refilled one. Refill cost + transport cost is additional.

Do you have portable oxygen cylinder?

Yes. 10 Litre capacity come with stand. Which can be taken in car or bus or train.

Do you have portable oxygen machine?

Yes. Battery backup will come up to 2 hours.

Can I rent oxygen cylinder for home use?

Yes. Oxygen cylinder can be rented and used at home. And also oxygen concentrator for rent available with prime healers.

Prime Healers provide oxygen cylinder for rent in Bangalore and Delhi. Prime Healers provide home delivery of the above goods and also provide service and support. We will be the best choice when searched for oxygen cylinder near me.

You can choose oxygen cylinder on hire in Bangalore by visiting our website or just call us at 07975708181.

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Oxygen Cylinder for rent in Bangalore

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Oxygen Cylinder for rent in Delhi

Oxygen Cylinder For Rent

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