Oxygen Concentrator For Rent / Sale In Bangalore

Best branded oxygen concentrator for rent in Bangalore and for sale available with Prime Healers. We are known as the best oxygen concentrator rental providers in Bangalore. Oxygen machine on rent will help you save money. If you are planning to use it for longer time you can purchase it at best price from us.

Buy Oxygen Concentrator - Oxymed 5 Ltr

MRP: ₹ 57,900.00

Our Price: ₹ 41,450.00 (inclusive of taxes)

You save: ₹ 16,450 (28.41%)

Brand: Oxymed

Capacty: 5 Ltr/Per minute

3 years Warranty

Rent Oxygen Concentrator- Oxymed 5 Ltr

Rent: ₹ 4, 000.00/ Month

Our Price: ₹ 3600.00 (inclusive of taxes)

You save: ₹ 400

​Product Description

  • Robust and Elegant Look.

  • PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology )

  • Flow Setting Continuous From 0 Lpm To 5 Lpm .

  • Oxygen Purity of 93% +/- 3% At 5 Lpm

  • Standing Pressure (In Kgf/Cm2):95,Working Pressure (In Kgf/Cm2):93

  • Inbuilt Nebulizer, Low & Easy Maintenance

  • 3 year warranty

Oxy-med Oxygen Concentrator is a unique stationary concentrator designed t deliver the oxygen for patients in home. It reduces operating costs with a design that is: 1. Lightweight - only 41.9 lbs. 2. Smaller and sleeker. 3. Easy to store and transport. 4. Low maintenance. 5. Quiet 6. Simpler for patients to use and maintain. Two years for any manufacturing defects.This product is Non-Returnable

Buy Oxygen Concentrator Philips- 5 Ltr

MRP: ₹ 64, 350.00

Our Price: ₹ 49, 500.00 (inclusive of taxes)

You save: ₹ 14, 850 (23%)

Brand: Philips

Capacty: 5 Ltr/Per minute

3 years Warranty

Rent Oxygen Concentrator Philips - 5 Ltr

Rent: ₹ 4, 500.00/ Month

Our Price: ₹ 40000.00 (inclusive of taxes)

You save: ₹ 500

                            Product Description

  • Brand :PhilipsModel :EverFloPower Source: AC/DC Adapter Power Consumption :350 WDimensions (L X W X H): 15 x 9.5 x 23 inch Weight : 14 kgWarranty Duration : 3 YearsWarranty Summary : Except Filters To claim warranty you have to change Filters Yearly.Noise Level: 45dBOutlet Pressure : 5.5 PSIPurity: 93 +/-3%

  • Input Voltage: 120 +/- 10% VAC

  • OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels

  • Low Oxygen (82%) and Very Low Oxygen (70%)

  • Average Power Consumption: 350 W

  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz

  • Oxygen concentration* (at 5 LPM): 93 +/- 3 %

  • Liter Flow: 0.5-5 l/min

  • Outlet Pressure: 5.5 PSI

  • Weight: 14 (31) kg (lbs)

  • Sound level: 45 (typical) dB

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We also provide Portable Oxygen Concentrator on rent. The portable oxygen concentrator can be used during travel. The battery backup of portable oxygen concentrator will last for 2 hours. To rent portable oxygen concentrator call prime healers. When you search oxygen concentrator for rent near me Prime Healers will be  are the best choice of service provider.

What is meant by Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen Concentrator is a machine which draws oxygen from air and concentrate the oxygen up to 95% by removing other gases. The oxygen concentrator machine is used to provide oxygen therapy to the patients.

How long can I use the oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen Cocnetrator machine is designed to run continuously for 24 hours. However, for best oxygen purity the machine should be given rest of 30 minutes after every 6 hours.


Do you rent oxygen Concentrator along with humidifier?

Yes. Oxygen Concentrator will come with humidifier.

What are the uses of Oxygen Concentrator?

Home medical oxygen concentrator machine is a device which concentrate the oxygen from the ambient air by removing nitrogen and supplies at the concentration level of 93% and above. This machine aids patients who require oxygen therapy who are unable to get oxygen on their own. This can be used at hospital as well as at home. 

The oxygen concentrator device is a replace of oxygen cylinders. The oxygen machine is very cost effective as compared to using oxygen cylinders. 

How oxygen Concentrator works?

1. Takes air from the Environment.

2. It Compresses the oxygen.

3. Removes 90% of nitrogen from the air.

4. Adjusts the way the air is delivered.

5. Delivers the purified oxygen ( up to 95%). 

Can I travel with the Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Yes. However, the portable oxygen concentrator last for 2 hours. It should be recharged again after that.

Oxygen Concentrator for rent in Bangalore

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