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Services Provided by Prime Healers

Prime Healers offer various kinds of services in Bangalore. We aims to make health service provision easily accessible, affordable and available at the comfort zone of the patient. We are leading provider of home healthcare services in Bangalore. Prime Healers provide quality, affordable, and reliable care in Bangalore. Our professionals are experienced, qualified and best in the industry.

Our presence in the field since 3 years helped many patients recover from the chronic illness quickly. We have also helped many by offering palliative care. We have supplied medical equipment viz. oxygen concentrators, medical oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ICU beds, Air beds, Wheelchairs, Bipap machines, Cpap Machines for rent as well as for sale etc. We have recommended and provided right medical equipment so that avoiding any troubles and discomfort to the patients.

Home Nursing & Attendants services includes elderly care, post surgical care, tracheotomy, wound care, epilepsy care, etc. We also provide physiotherapy at home services at affordable cost. Prime Healers are rated as best service provider in India.

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Medical Equipment for rent in Bangalore

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