Return & Refund Policy- Prime Healers

1. Can I return items at the time of delivery?

We make sure all the products are new or almost new and hygienic when they reach you without compromising on quality. There are a series of stringent quality checks that are undertaken on every piece of medical equipment before delivery. However, if you don’t like the products at the time of delivery, you can return them - there will be no questions asked.

If accepted by you or your representative (anyone receiving the order on your behalf) at the time of delivery, the products cannot be returned later. Only items with major defects or non-functionality will be taken back. Since the dimensions for all products are mentioned on the website, we will not be able to accept any returns based on that criteria. However, some genuine issues can be discussed over a call and we might take items back, but only if pointed out at the time of delivery. Unfortunately, returns cannot be initiated once the delivery is accepted by you or your representatives. To ensure that you face no issues regarding this, Prime Healers team will leave your premises only when you are satisfied with the order.


2. Can I return few of the items before closure of the contract?

Of course, you can! In case of early termination of your order/one or more items from the order, you can request for early closure by informing us 2 day prior to the selected closure date. The difference in rental rates between 'Contract tenure' (the tenure selected at order placement) and 'Actual tenure' (effective tenure at early closure) for the selected items will have to be paid. This applicable only during long term tenure of more than 2 months. If the agreed tenure is less than 2 months, full rental charges as per contract tenure is applicable.


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