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7 Amazing benefits of Neem- Tips to add neem to your diet

Updated: Mar 14

Benefits of Neem
Credits: Pixabau

You must have seen endless products that boast of the presence of neem and the benefits it has to offer, did you ever pause to read how neem in those products actually help you? Neem is a medicinal herb obtained from the neem tree.

Though bitter, neem has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which contribute to its endless benefits.

1. Dental Care-

Did you know in the olden times, people chewed neem barks to keep their teeth clean? Today, you find toothpaste with neem extracts in it!

Neem can also help you get rid of bad breath by killing plaque and tartar that builds up in your gums.

Tips to add neem to your dental care:

  1. If you can get your hands on neem barks, you could chew on them for better gums and a good breath.

  2. Create your own neem mouth wash- Boil neem leaves and store them in a bottle to gargle later.

  3. The easiest of them all, get a neem toothpaste.

2. Relieve pain from gingivitis

Research shows that neem has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to relieve minor pain from gingivitis. This is why a lot of tooth pain relief ointments contain neem extracts in them.

3. Haircare

Have you ever noticed a lot of Ayurvedic hair care products have neem in them?

Your doc will recommend you shampoo with neem in them if you have dandruff. Why? Neem’s antibacterial properties help fight the bacteria causing dandruff and thus promote a healthy scalp.

Neem is also known to rid your head of lice. A lot of lice treatments contain neem in one form or the other.

Tips to add neem to your haircare

  1. Neem hair oils are available in the market that claims to promote hair health. Regularly oiling your hair with neem-based hair oils is an easy way to add neem to your haircare.

  2. Natural neem powder can be mixed with lukewarm water to make a paste which can help to improve your scalp and also help effortlessly rid lice.

4. Neem leaves purify your blood

Rich in natural antioxidants, neem is known to be an excellent blood purifier in your body.

Tips to add neem to your diet-

  1. If you could get your hands on neem leaves, drinking smoothies with neem in it is as good as it gets!

  2. Ayurvedic supplements with neem extracts can help you add neem to your diet.

5. Cancer prevention

Neem leaves are known to attack cancerous cells in our body and thus protect your body from cancer. Consuming neem every day can help keep the number of cancerous cells in check.

6. Antifungal properties

Neem is antifungal and thus used to treat various fungal infections such as ringworm or athlete's foot. That is why most antifungal creams contain neem extracts. Neem also contains fatty acids that help moisturize and condition your skin to make it clear, and healthy. A lot of skincare products today have neem in them.

7. Aids digestion

Ayurveda suggests that neem leaves aid digestion as well as metabolism and work on enzyme secretion in your body. Neem flowers were used to treat nausea, intestinal worms and belching.

Join us in exploring the benefits this super herb has to offer!


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