5 Affordable and Effective Food Items To Get A Perfect Body

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

It has become a fad of late among the people to maintain a toned and fit physique. Lot of us are going on diets and engaging in workouts to stay in shape. The number of people indulging in these is on a high, whether they be youngsters or the aged. It is actually ideal that we take care of our diets, owing to the benefits that arise out of them. It is as important to focus on eating healthy as it is to not skip performing the exercises on a daily basis.

However popular the idea of fitness is becoming, it is generally considered that staying healthy and fit requires the shelling out of money. This idea stands totally false. There are ample food items out there that you can consume to achieve that perfect body you have been aiming while being affordable and easy on the pocket. Let us read ahead and find out about them.


Who doesn’t like their breakfast with a plate of omelet and some coriander leaves to go with it? The surprising thing about eggs is that you can eat it in a variety of ways, ranging from eating the boiled ones, poaching them and preparing them with curry among the popular alternatives. Whichever way you choose to, they never fail to arouse the taste buds due to their deliciousness. Besides being delicious, it proves to be a boon for the bodybuilders who intend to spend less and still consume their nutrition.

eggs for healthy body
eggs for healthy body

A study found out that due to the presence of high amount of protein and omega fatty acids, eggs support the muscular growth and provide the body with strength. They are also rich in some other nutrients, including vitamin B, potassium, and iron.

Contrary to the general myth, you should give the equal status to the yolk of the eggs. It does contain some cholesterol, but doctors recommend eating 3 whole eggs in a day is absolutely safe for the health of the body. Consuming whole eggs on a daily basis shall help you avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases and provide your bones with a good amount of sturdiness.

Peanut Butter Whether you have a spoonful of it or add it to your sandwich, it always makes up for a delicious snack. It is also quite filling when it comes to extinguishing the hunger pangs. Although it might sound opposite to a diet food due to its richness in fats and calories, it has a number of health benefits for the body. It comes loaded with a number of essential nutrients to the body. The list of nutrients present in the peanut butter include carbohydrates, monounsaturated fats, proteins, fiber and a variety of vitamins.

health food for fit body
healthy food

While the protein promotes the revitalization of the cells of the body and repairing the muscle, the healthy fats in it invigorate the health of the heart. The fibers help in keeping the digestive system healthy. Thus, peanut butter is a good source of energy that provides the body with the strength it requires. It also acts as an efficient immunity booster in the body. Those intending to get a healthy dose of potassium, vitamin, antioxidants, and manganese can also include peanut butter in their diets.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

These cruciferous vegetables are amongst the healthiest of the vegetables, which has made them a member of the list of the super foods. Despite being cheap, they bring along a number of benefits to the health of the consumer. You can easily add them to your salad to take its taste quotient and the health consistency higher at the same time.

The primary function of these vegetables is that they aid in the management of the weight. They are low-calorie vegetables that are rich sources of the antioxidants. Besides, the fiber in them binds with the bile acid in the digestive tract and prepares the ground for the removal of cholesterol and unhealthy fats, such as the LDL fats from the body.

Brocolli for health

Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, people suffering from the likes of bloating, arthritis, and allergies can benefit a huge deal as per the findings of an article. Broccoli, especially, contains an enzyme called the sulforaphane, which blocks the causes of joint problems. The patients of osteoporosis and other bone problem must include broccoli and cauliflowers in their diet since they contain a healthy dose of calcium and vitamin K.

Sweet Potatoes

Despite the term potatoes in it, sweet potatoes and white potatoes are not related and belong to a different set of plant family. They are highly rich in antioxidants that help the removal of free radicals and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. Sweet potatoes include beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin, iron, calcium, and selenium along with an array of other nutrients. Although there is not enough evidence on how to prevent cancer, the consumption of sweet potatoes does reduce the oxidation process in the body, thereby decreasing the chances of contracting cancer. A study suggests that even the peels of it contain components that fight against the growth of various types of cancer in the body.

Sweet potatos for health
Sweet Potatos

Rich in dietary fibers, consuming sweet potatoes increases the metabolism in the body and thus gives a good effect to the digestive system. This can also enable the body to keep away from the accumulation of unnecessary fats. The antioxidant levels in it are also ideal for the patients to manage their Type-2 diabetic and maintain the health of the eyes.


It is yet another super food that is easy on the pocket. Our bodies require an ample amount of energy to see through the day with activeness. An article suggests that the carbohydrate content of the oatmeal provides just that by breaking down these in the form of glucose in the body during the process of digestion. Oatmeal is an ideal meal for breakfast since it manages to keep the body full for longer period of time. It is quite a light meal, which keeps the body devoid of increasing the fat content and helps flush out the accumulated toxins.

Oat Meal for fitness
Oat meal

A wide list of nutrients present in a bowl of oatmeal includes iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and proteins. The high fiber content in it prevents the onset of several diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You can enjoy them by adding milk, fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, dates, and yogurt to the bowl as per your taste preferences. Garnish it with some crushed pieces of nuts and coconut shreds to make it even more delicious.

For those whose aim is to get a toned and muscular body, the diet does play a major role. However, adding it up with a daily scoop of whey protein shall give our muscles the push they require and give you your proper cuts in no time. Hence, inculcate these highly effective foods in your diet to witness a positive transformation in your body.

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