Hospital Beds For Sale/Rent in Bangalore & Delhi

Medical Beds are available with Prime Healers at best price in Bangalore for purchase and rent. Various kinds of medical beds are available with us. Medically Cleaned and safe to use.

semi fowlers normal medical bed.jpg

Semi Fowlers Bed- Normal

Head Elevation, Side Railings, Hospital Bed for rent


₹ 2000

₹ 2800


Purchase at

₹ 15599

₹ 16500


semi fowlers deluxe medical bed for rent

Deluxe Semi Fowlers Bed

Manual, Head Elevation, collapsible side railings, 2 side ABS, Medical Use, Without Wheels


₹ 3100

₹ 4500


Purchase at

₹ 22599

₹ 25500


fowlers bed for rent

Fowlers Bed - Manual Bed

Manual, Head & Foot Elevation, side railings, Medical Use, With & Without Wheels


₹ 2300

₹ 3000


Purchase at

₹ 17599

₹ 18500


fowlers super deluxe medical bed

Super Deluxe - Fowlers Bed with wheels

Head & Foot Elevation, Collapsible Side Railings, 2 side ABS , with Wheels


₹ 4500

₹ 5200


Purchase at

₹ 27500

₹ 30500


manual icu bed for rent for orthopedic patients

5 Function Bed - Manual Bed

Manual, Head, Foot, trendleburg, Height, Elevators, Side rails, Medical Use



₹ 7500


Purchase at

 ₹ 41999

₹ 41999


Electric Icu bed for rent.jpg

5 Function ICU BED - Electric

Electric, 5 functions, remote control, 4 Side ABS, 2 Head & Foot ABS, High Quality, Medical 


₹ 12500

₹ 13500


Purchase at

₹ 99999

₹ 109999


airbed for rent in bangalore.jpg

Air Bed-Anti sore- Electric

Electric Run, Prevent bed sore, available for rent and Sale


₹ 900

₹ 950


Purchase at

₹ 3000

₹ 4500


Medical Bed Rental

  • We provide home delivery of Medical beds

  • Transportation Cost Delivery & Pickup Varies between Rs. 1200 to 2000  based on distance from warehouse

  • Payment Accepted: Online/Cash


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Why should hospital cot should be taken on rental basis?

Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital bed rental services from prime healers will help you reduce expenditure on medical cost. Hospital bed price for rent is very low as compare to any other service provider. Prime Healers provide all types of hospital beds on rental basis.

All our medical beds are new and in good condition. We clean them as per medical standards using disinfectants after every use. Renting medical bed will help our patients to save money on investing to purchase. Easy to get on rent from us, our team delivers medical beds and set up in required location.

What types of hospital beds available?

All types of hospital beds viz. Head side elevation bed (semi fowlers bed) with or without side railings, fowlers bed with side railings, 5 function electric bed, remote controlled bed, 5 function manual medical bed, ABS powered electronic patient cot etc.

Are the beds come with recliner feature and adjustable?

Yes. Beds comes with recliner facility. These rental beds are adjustable as per patient comfort.

Is patient bed available for sale?

Yes. All types of hospital beds for sale available with Prime Healers. Along with hospital beds, mattresses also available for sale. If anybody need these medical beds for long term patients same can be purchased from prime healers.

We provide various kinds of mattresses which are suitable with medical bed type. The mattress may be made up of coir, rexin or foam material. 

Do you provide hospital/medical bed for rent in Bangalore?

We provide hospital bed for rent in Bangalore. We provide home delivery and set up of the equipment at affordable cost.

What is semi-fowlers and Fowlers bed?

These are the medical beds designed to facilitate comfort of patients by elevating the head side of the patient. Semi-fowlers beds can be elevated up to 30-45 degrees where as fowlers bed can be elevated up to 90 degrees. This will reduce discomfort for patient who is having respiratory difficulty, increase circulation, helps in feeding etc. The fowlers beds can be elevated both head side as well as foot side.

What is 5 functions bed?

This medical bed is widely used in ICU to manage critical patients. This type of medical bed is having various options like elevate head side, foot side, Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg, height adjustment, side rails, with wheels. Both electric bed and manual 5 function bed is available for sale and rent with Prime Healers.

These 5 function medical beds are suitable for ICU set up, for the patients who are suffering long term illness, bed ridden patients, patients who are suffering from respiratory and cardio pulmonary diseases. These medical beds are designed to increase the comfort of the patient and helps medical attendants delivering care easily.


Is hospital mattress is available along with bed?

If the hospital cot is taken on rent mattress will also be provided. If hospital cot is purchased the mattress also should be purchased separately. If the medical bed is rented we provide standard mattress made up of coir material. We can provide others based on the request of the customers.


What is the use of Airbed?

Airbed is used to prevent pressure ulcer. We provide electric bubble type airbed which will be inflated automatically by the electricity. This airbed can be spread on the mattress. This very easy to operate and helps in prevention of bed sore and prevent infection. This medical air bed is very essential for bed ridden patients.

Prime Healers provide  hospital beds for sale in bangalore at best price. We also provide all kinds of hospital beds for rent in bangalore.  Prime Healers provide home delivery of the above goods and also provide service and support.

You can choose hospital beds on hire in bangalore by visiting our website or just call us at 07975708181.

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